BS. Mathematics GCUF Past Papers for Affiliated Colleges

ISL-302 Islamic Studies
ENG-321 English-I
MTH-301 Calculus-I
MTH-303 Mathematical Method-I
PHY-325 Physics-I
PST-322 Pakistan Studies
ENG-322 English-II
STT-322 Statistics-I
MTH-302 Calculus-II
MTH-304 Mathematical Method-II
MTH-401 Vector Calculus
MTH-403 Mechanics I
MTH-407 Communication Skill
MTH-407 Number Theory
MTH-R-03 Differential Equation
MTH-405 Introduction to Computing
STT-421 Statistics-II
PHY-425 Physics-II
MTH-402 Metric and Topological Spaces
MTH-404 Differential Equations
MTH-406 Numerical Analysis
MTH-408 Operations Research
CSI-422 C++
MTH-501 Real Analysis I
MTH-503 Complex Analysis
MTH-505 Vector and Tensor Analysis
MTH-507 Algebra-I
MTH-509 Point Set Topology
MTH-502 Real Analysis-II
MTH-504 Algebra-II
MTH-506 Mechanics
MTH-508 Functional Analysis
MTH-510 Differential Geometry
MTH-601 Advanced Group Theory
MTH-603 Advanced Set Theory
MTH-408 Operations Research ‚Äč
MTH-603 Partial Differential Equation
MTH-617 Linear Algebra
MTH-604 Algebraic Number Theory
MTH-615 Numerical Analysis-I
MTH-605 Mathematical Statistics-I
MTH-602 Measure Theory
MTH-604 Advanced Functional Analysis
MTH-616 Theory of Optimization
MTH-612 Numerical Analysis-II
MTH-610 Mathematical Statistics-II
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