BS. Zoology GCUF Past Papers for Affiliated Colleges

ZOL-301 Zoology – I (Principles of Animal Life-I)
BOT-301 Diversity of Plants
CHM-321 Introductory Chemistry
ENG-321 Functional English
ISL-321 Islamic Studies/Ethics
ZOL-302 Zoology-II (Principles of Animal Life-II)
MTH-321 Mathematics-I
CHM-322 Inorganic Chemistry – I
ENG-322 English Comprehension and Composition
PST-322 Pakistan Studies
ZOL-401 Zoology-III (Animal Diversity-I: Invertebrates)
ZOL-403 Zoology-IV (Animal Diversity-II: Chordates)
BOT-302 Systematics, Anatomy and Development
CHM-421 Physical Chemistry –I
ENG-421 Communication Skills
ZOL-402 Zoology-V (Animal Form & Function-I)
ZOL-404 Zoology-VI (Animal Form & Function-II)
BOT-401 Cell Biology, Genetics and Evolution
PSY-422 Introduction to Psychology
CSI-422 Introduction to Computer Application
ZOL-501 Cell and Molecular Biology
ZOL-503 Biochemistry– I (Structure and Functions of Macromolecules)
ZOOL-505 Advance Enviromental Biology
ZOL-505 Animal Physiology
ZOL-507 Animal Behaviour
ZOL-509 General and Molecular Genetics
ZOL-502 Biostatistics
ZOL-506 General and Molecular Genetics
MIC-301 Introductory Microbiology
ZOL-508 Principles of Zoogeography
ZOL-510 Biochemistry – II (Metabolism)
ZOL-512 Physiology of Coordination and Animal Behavior
ZOL-601 Evolution and Principals of Systematics
ZOL-605 Fisheries
ZOL-606 Fundamentals of Entomology
ZOL-607 Research Methodology
ZOL-609 Principles of Paleontology
ZOL-656 Aquatic Toxicology
BNB-402 Basic Bioinformatics
ZOL-606 Wildlife of Pakistan
ZOL-608 Bioremediation and Bio-processing
ZOL-692 Biodiversity
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