CIT-303 Intro Information and Communication Technology
ENG-321 Functional English
ISL-321 Islamic Studies / Ethics
MTH-323 Calculus and Analytical Geometry
CSI-302 Object Oriented Programming

PHY-312 Basic Electronics

CSI-304 Discrete Structures
Pak study-321 Pakistan Studies
ENG-322 English Comprehension
MTH-324 Multivariable Calculus
CSI-401 Data Structure Algorithm
BMS-406 Fundamental marketig
CSI-403 Digital Logic and Design
STA-321 Introduction to Statistical Theory
CSI-406 Introduction to Database Systems
ENG-421 Communication Skills
CSI-402 Operating Systems
CIT-402 Information Systems
CIT-404 Web Systems and Technologies
SWE-401 Introduction to Software Engineering
CSI-404 Computer Communication Networks
CIT-501 Computer Networks
CIT-535 Formal Methods
CIT-503 Internet Architecture & Protocols
CIT-505 Database Administration Mangemnt
CIT-507 Object Oriented Analysis Design
BBA-511 Information System Audit
CIT-502 Multimedia Systems and Design
CIT-504 Technology Management
CIT-506 System Integration and Architecture
CIT-508 Systems and Network Administration
CIT-601 Human Computer Interaction
CIT-645 Mobile Application Development
CIT-603 IT Project Management
BBA-604 Human Resource Management
CIT-605 Network and Security

CIT-607 Cloud Computing

CIT-602 Professional Practices
BBA-604 Human Resource Management

CIT-631 Project

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