BS. Economics GCUF Past Papers for Affiliated Colleges

ENG-321 Functional English
ECO-301 Principles of Micro Economics
ISL-321 Islamic Studies
MTH-321 Mathematics-I
CSI-321 Introduction to computing applications
SOC-307 Introduction to Sociology
ENG-32 English Comprehension and Composition
PST-321 Pakistan Studies
ECO-302 Principles of Macro Economics
MTH-322 Mathematics II
GEO-305 Economic Geography
BBF-302 Introduction to Finance
ENG-421 Communication Skills
ECO-401 Intermediate Micro Economics
ECO-403 Agricultural Economics
STA-322 Introduction to Statistical theory – I
COM-301 Principals of accounting
BIM-406 Principles of Management
POL-406 Introduction to International Relations
ECO-402 Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECO-404 World Economic History
ECO-406 International Trade Theory
STA-323 Introduction to Statistical theory – II
EC0-408 Issues in Pakistan Economy
ECO-501 Microeconomic theory
ECO-503 Macroeconomics theory
ECO-505 Mathematical Economics I
ECO-507 Population Economics
ECO-509 International Finance
ECO-511 Health Economics
EC0-502 Development Economics
ECO-504 Econometrics I
ECO-506 Mathematical Economics II
ECO-508 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
ECO-510 General Equilibrium and Welfare Economics
ECO-512 Managerial Economics
ECO-601 Research Methodology
ECO-603 Public Sector Economics
ECO-605 Econometrics-II
ECO-607 Project Appraisal and Investment Analysis
ECO-609 Labor Economics
ECO- 611 Energy economics
ECO-602 Institutional Economics
ECO-604 Islamic Economics
ECO-606 Monetary Economics
ECO-630 Research Project
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