CSI-303 Introduction to ICT ( )
CSI-301 Programming Fundamental
ENG-322 English Composition Comprehensi
MTH-323 Calculus Analytical Geometry
PHY-323 Basic Electronics Physics
CSI-304 Digital and Logical Design
CSI-302 Object oriented Programming
ENG-322 Communication & Presentation Skills
STA-324 Probability and Statistics
ECO-408 Issues in Pakistan Economy
CSI-403 Computer Organization & Assembly
CSI-401 Data Structure and Algorithms
CSI-405 Discrete Structures
CSI-411 Professional Practices
MTH-423 Differential Equations
CSI-406 Design & Analysis of Algorithms
CSI-404 Theory of Automata
CSI-402 Operating Systems
CSI-408 Linear Algebra Application
BBA-506 Human Resource Management
CSI-505 Compiler Construction
CSI-503 Database Systems
MTH-324 Multivariable Calculus
SWE-503 Software Engineering-I
CSI-408 Numerical Computing
CSI-508 Artificial Intelligence
CSI-512 Computer Networks
CSI-506 Web Design and Development
ENG-510 Technical & Business Writing
CSI-616 Fundamental of Data Mining
CSI-615 Mobile and Application Development
CSI-621 Parallel & Distributed Computing
PST-321 Pakistan Studies
CSI-604 Computer Graphics
SOC-555 Sociology
ISL-321 Islamic Studies/Ethics
CSI-630 Final Year And Project
CSI-504 Distributed Database Systems

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