BS DPT(Doctor Of Physical Therapy) Gcuf Past Paper

DPT-301 Upper Limb & General Anatomy
DPT-303 Cardiovascular & Neuromuscular Physiology
DPT-305 Introduction to Kinesiology
ENG-321 Functional English
STA-322 Introduction to Statistical theory I
PST-321 Pakistan Studies
DPT-302 Lower limb Anatomy & General Histology
DPT-304 Visceral Physiology
DPT-306 Clinical Kinesiology
ENG-322 English Comprehension & Composition
STA-323 Introduction to Statistical theory II
ISL-321 Islamic Studies / Ethics
DPT-401 Head and Neck Anatomy& Human Embryology
DPT-403 Physiology of Reproductive , Nervous & Renal system
DPT-405 Introduction to Biomechanics & Ergonomics
BCH-407 Biochemistry & Genetics I
DPT-409 Introduction to Exercise Physiology
CSI-321 Introduction to Computing Applications
DPT-402 Human Neuro Anatomy
DPT-404 Advance techniques in Biomechanics & Ergonomics
DPT-406 Behavioral Sciences (Psychiatry & Psychology)
BCH-408 Biochemistry& Genetics II
DPT-410 Advance Clinical Exercise Physiology
DPT-412 Medical Physics in Rehabilitation
DPT-501 Pathology & Microbiology I
DPT-503 Pharmacology in Rehabilitation I
DPT-505 Physical Agents & Electrotherapy I
DPT-507 Therapeutic Exercises & Techniques
SOC-307 Introduction to Sociology
DPT-511 Health & Wellness
DPT-513 Supervised Clinical Practice I
DPT-502 Pathology & Microbiology II
DPT-504 Pharmacology in Rehabilitation II
DPT-506 Physical Agents & Electrotherapy –II
DPT-508 Manual Therapy
DPT-510 Teaching Methodology & Community Medicine
DPT-512 Supervised Clinical Practice II
DPT-601 Clinical Medicine I
DPT-603 Orthopedic Surgery
DPT-605 Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging
DPT-607 Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy
DPT-609 Human Growth, Development & Community Based Rehabilitation
DPT-611 Supervised Clinical Practice III
DPT-602 Clinical Medicine II
DPT-604 Advance techniques in General Surgery
DPT-606 Neurological Physical Therapy
DPT-608 Evidence Based Practice
DPT-610 Introduction to Prosthetics & Orthotics
DPT-611 Supervised Clinical Practice IV
DPT-651 Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy
DPT-653 Emergency Procedures & Primary Care In Physical Therapy
DPT-655 Clinical Decision Making & Differential Diagnosis
DPT-657 Scientific Inquiry & Research Methodology
DPT-659 Professional Practice (Laws , Ethics &Administration)
DPT-661 Integumentary Physical Therapy
DPT-663 Supervised Clinical Practice V
DPT-652 Obstetrics & Gynecological Physical Therapy
DPT-654 Pediatric Physical Therapy
DPT-656 Gerontology & Geriatric Physical Therapy
DPT-658 Sports Physical Therapy
DPT-660 Supervised Clinical Practice VI
DPT-681 Research Project
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