BS. English GCUF Past Papers for Affiliated Colleges

Functional English ENG-321
Pakistan Studies PST-321
Introduction to Psychology PSY-321
Introduction to Computing Applications CSI-321
Introduction to Literary Studies ENG-303
Prose ENG-309
English Comprehension and Composition ENG-322
Islamic Studies/Ethics ISL-321
Introduction to Philosophy ENG-310
Classical Poetry ENG-304
History of English Literature ENG-306
Greek and Elizabethan Drama ENG-308
Communication Skills ENG-421
Introduction to Statistical Theory STA-321
Introduction to Linguistics ENG-403
Gender and Human Rights POL-304
Novel (I) ENG-405
Elizabeth And Restoration Drama ENG-407
Advanced Academic Reading and Writing ENG-402
Literary Stylistics ENG-404
Literary Criticism (I) ENG-406
American Literature (I) ENG-408
Short Stories ENG-410
Victorian Novel ENG-412
Modern Poetry ENG-501
Modern Novel ENG-511
Literary Essays ENG-503
Literary Criticism (II) ENG-505
Pakistani Literature in English (I) ENG-507
American Literature (II) ENG-509
Literary Theory (I) ENG-502
Discourse Studies ENG-504
Modern Drama ENG-506
Russian Literature ENG-508
Pakistani Literature in English (II) ENG-510
Literary Theory (II) ENG-601
Pakistani Literature in English (II) ENG-510
Postcolonial Studies ENG-603
Research Methodology ENG-605
Short Stories ENG-601
Literature of War and Conflict ENG-607
Theatre of the Absurd ENG-609
Introduction to Translation Studies ENG-602
Women’s Writings ENG-604
World Literature ENG-606
Postcolonial Literature ENG-608
Media and Cultural Studies ENG-610
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