BS Physics GCUF Past Papers for Affiliated Colleges

PHY-301 Mechanics-I
PHY-303 Waves & Oscillations
MTH-321 Calculus-I
CSI-321 Introduction to Computers
ISL-321 Islamic Studies
ENG-321 EAP (English for Academic Purposes)
PHY-302 Mechanics-II
PHY-304 Heat & Thermodynamics
PHY-306 Introduction to Programming for Physicists
MTH-322 Calculus-II
PST-322 Pakistan Studies
ENG-322 Reading, writing, speaking and listening skills
PHY-401 Electricity & Magnetism-I
PHY-403 Modern Physics-I
PHY-405 Differential Equations-I
MTH-421 Applied Mathematics
PHY-407 Lab Course-I (Mechanics, Heat and Vibrations)
ENG-421 Communication Skills
PHY-402 Electricity & Magnetism-II
PHY-404 Modern Physics-II
PHY-406 Differential Equations-II
PHY-408 Lab Course-II (Optics & Modern Physics)
MTH-422 Linear Algebra
CHM-402 Chemistry (Special Topics)
PHY-501 Methods of Mathematical Physics-I
PHY-503 Classical Mechanics
PHY-505 Electrodynamics-I
PHY-507 Electronics-I
PHY-509 Relativity and Cosmology
PHY-511 Lab Course-III (Electromagnetism)
PHY-502 Methods of Mathematical Physics-II
PHY-504 Quantum Mechanics-I
PHY-506 Nuclear Physics-I
PHY-508 Electrodynamics-II
PHY-510 Electronics-II
PHY-512 Lab Course-IV (Atomic & Nuclear Physics)
PHY-601 Quantum Mechanics-II
ENG-601 EFE (English for Employment)
PHY-603 Nuclear Physics-II
PHY-605 Solid State Physics-I
PHY-609 Advance Electronics
PHY-602 Plasma Physics
PHY-604 Computational Physics
PHY-606 Solid State Physics-II
PHY-608 Laser and Optics
PHY-610 Statistical Mechanics
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