BS MLT GCUF Past Paper Affiliated Colleges

AHP-301 Basic and Applied Anatomy
MTH-321 Aljebra And Trignometry
AHP-303 Basic and Applied Physiology
PSY-407 Social Psychology
ENG-321 Funcational English
ISL-321 Islamic Studies /Ethics
AHP-302 General Pathology
AHP-304 Introductory Pharmacology
BCH-301 Introductory Biochemistry
CSI-321 Introduction Computer Applications
PST-321 Pakistan Studies
MLT-306 Fundamentals of Medical Lab Technology
AHP-401 Community Medicine/ Public Health
MIC-321 General Microbiology & Sterilization
MLT-403 General Hematology
MLT-405 Clinical Pathology
ENG-322 Comprehensive And Composition
MLT-407 Clinical Lab Practice-I
AHP-402 Scientific Writing
MLT-404 Clinical Biochemistry (I & II)
MLT-406 Immunology & Serology
MLT-408 Histopathology & Histo-technology
MLT-410 Clinical Lab Practice-II
MLT-501 Clinical Parasitology
MLT-503 Immunohematology &Transfusion Medicine
MLT-505 Clinical Bacteriology
MLT-507 Biosafety and Hazards
MLT-509 Medical Instrumentations & Software Applications
MLT-511 Clinical Lab Practice-III
MLT-502 Cytology & Cytotechnology
BNB-321 Molecular Biology
MLT-504 Clinical Virology & Mycology
MLT-508 Advanced Immunology
MLT-510 Clinical Lab Practice-IV
AHP-601 Forensic Medicine
STAT-421 Biostatistics
MLT-603 Advanced Clinical Biochemistry
MLT-609 Advanced Diagnostic & Biomedical Techniques
MLT-611 Quality Assurance Management
MLT-613 Clinical Genetics
AHP-602 Epidemiology
BNB-402 Bioinformatics-I
PHS-503 Endocrinology
MLT-604 Clinical Laboratory Management
MLT-606 Research Project/Term Paper
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