Future of Artificial Intelligence


No Doubt, (AI) Artificial Intelligence is vital in Information Technology. Artificial Intelligence is ready to become the main component of technologies like Robotics, Large Data, and IOT (The Internet of Things). It will continue to act as a technology in the coming years.

AI has become a reality with its advanced Inventions in just a few years. Machines that help humans with intelligence are not just in English Movies but also in the real world. At this time, we live in a world of Technology where Artificial Intelligence is all around us. Artificial Intelligence was just a story we saw in the Movies in the past year.

In our daily lives, we use artificial Technology, and somewhere in Artif, artificial Technology has become an essential part of our lives. The development and evolution of AI technology are happening at a fast pace. However, it was not as easy and smooth as we thought.

This Technology has taken several years and a lot of effort for many people to take at this stage. AI also deals with many Arguments about its future and impact on human life. It may be dangerous for humans, but it is an excellent opportunity due to its new Technology.

AI will be deployed to enhance both offensive and defensive cyber operations. Additionally, new cyber-attack means will be invented to take advantage of particular liability of AI technology.

 Here, we will discuss the future of AI and its impact on human life, i.e., whether AI is an excellent technology for Science and humans.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) at Present:

Before going deeply into the future of AI, we will first discuss what artificial intelligence is and its stages. Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines or computers to control automatic machines and robots to perform a task related to intelligence.

Thus, AI is a computer science that aims to develop intelligent machines and robots that behave, function, think, and decide like humans.

So AI can be divided into three types that are:

  • Narrow AI: It can complete assigned tasks with intelligence. So, the current stage of AI is narrow AI. So, narrow AI, also known as weak AI, can only perform assigned tasks—for example, automatic driving, global positioning systems, and face detection.
  •   General AI: AGI (artificial general intelligence) is the ability to show human intelligence, such as human thinking and work decisions.
  • Super AI: Super Artificial Intelligence refers to self-awareness with consequent abilities that superpass that of humans. It is a stage where machines can also do the tasks that a human can do efficiently.

Impact of AI in the Future On Different Sectors:


AI plays a vital and significant role in diagnosing and treating diseases more accurately in the health center. With the help of AI, new drug discovery is speedy and cost-effective. AI engages with the patient in their care and makes an easy appointment with the doctor for their treatment, paying bills with no errors. So, AI technology is adopted very fast in our daily lives.


                                There is no doubt that cybersecurity is a high priority for each organization to ensure its data security.

There are some central points of cyber-security:

  1. All security incidents and other unusual activities can be monitored with AI technology.
  2. Identification of the cyber-attacks with NLP.
  3. Automation of work completion assigned tasks and processes with the help of Robots.

So, with the help of AI, we can attack automatically which is difficult to handle:


Full automatic vehicles have not yet been developed in the transportation sector, but researchers are reaching this field very fast. AI and machine learning are being applied to work to help reduce workload and complete work in a short time.

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